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Restaurant / Cafe / Bars / Shop

Projects in the category Restaurant - Coffee - Bistro - Shop Interiors

Thiết kế Shop thời trang đẹp phong cách mới


Shop Hoa Marrakesh

The Shophouse exudes the vibrant energy of spring, drawing inspiration from the Marrakesh Market in Morocco - a creation by the design team of Iconcept Vietnam.

The combination of the revamped and transformed "Moroccan" orange-red color palette with delicate traditional decorative items creates a bold and distinctive fashion shop - akin to a stylish market for the youth.



La Vieille Maison, roughly translated as "The Old House," is a luxurious bar located in the Picity Highpark Residences, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12. With a blend of European and a hint of Indochine styles from East Asia, Iconcept Vietnam aims to create a space that is both romantic and cozy, with a touch of uniqueness

Thiết kế Nhà hàng ăn uống sang trọng
Thiết kế Nhà hàng ăn uống trẻ trung


Bakery & Cafe - La Cosmo Residences

The Bakery & Cafe shop is a bakery located within the La Cosmo Residences residential area, catering to the adjacent office block and serving as a dining hub for the staff and employees in the vicinity


The Alphabet School

Alphabet Skills Education Center is a project within the La Astoria 3 residential area, designed by Iconcept Vietnam. The facility is built to create an environment for teaching basic skills as well as practicing various art disciplines

Thiết kế nhà trẻ siêu cá tính
Thiết kế shop thời trang cá tính



WeWave is a fashion shop located on Tran Quoc Thao Street, District 3.

The shop's targeted style is for customers who love sports and have a youthful and dynamic vibe. Additionally, since the products belong to the high-end range, extra attention is given to branding and design


The Loop Coffee

The Loop Coffee is a cafe specifically designed for the Picity Highpark residential area, serving as a focal point for the overall amenities of the project

Thiết kế quán cafe cá tính trẻ trung
Thiết kế quán cafe cá tính trẻ trung


Sky Park Coffee

Sky Park Coffee is a cafe that caters to the Picity Skypark project located in Binh Duong. Its modern and trendy atmosphere creates a unique appeal for the future residents of the project

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